M1 bearing seat repair

My task was to fix the bearing seat on the M1 from this video-

My friend David (DYonch) shot his M1 out of a water balloon slingshot a few months ago and because the bearing wasnt in the yoyo the axle was bent and the bearing seat was mushroomed, the axle hole (before you hit the insert) was also deformed and is now an ellipse instead of a circle.

I had to take the extra metal off the bearing post, the bearing is a bit loose and there is some vibe but its still very playable. It was all done free hand on a wood lathe.





comments/criticism appreciated

That is totally cool. You are a MACHINE!!!

Can’t wait to play it again!

Impressive, good job, really.

That looks awesome!

forgot to say that I had to do this on both halves