Lyn Fury

Hey guys, i gotten my fiesta thanks to people from this forum who gave me some recommendation and i think that i will be able to get some helpful advice from here. ;D

Anyway, is lyn fury a good yoyo for competition like 1A and 5A?

hope you guys will be able to give me some advice again :wink:

As of what i heard,It is recommended for beginners and plays well for 5A.And it does not crack.

Why nvr ask an Spinworkx forum? Btw. it is good. Qing hui is using it.

ok well i herd it was quite good so i bought one and i have to say im quite dissapionted with it
it doesnt sleep very long and its really unstable.But the shape IMO feels awesome in my hand :slight_smile:
but if ur gonna get a plastic might aswell spend a bit more and get a protostar or PGM v2

He used to have both. But i have the lyn. It is the player. not the yoyo

Tell me he is not using a lyn fury
And the lyn did not even tilt.

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normally i cna’t get a good answer from spinworkx forum mah but here different.

Erm, cause now spinworkx in singapore is having a promo which is 3lyn for the price of 2.
so do you guys think that i should get a hitman or 3lyn will be better?

3 Lyn. So u can do different set up on each and see which one matches your preference. Then u can do alot of modding to it.