Lyn Fury response trouble.

Alright, so i’ve had my Lyn for about 3 months now. And I broke in the bearing so it’s been unresponsive eversince then.But today i went to our local yoyo shop and I got some 100% poly string. I popped the string and played with it for about 20 min. Then 2 hours later, I went to play with my yoyo and it was playing like a stock Lyn(Responsive),and now I don’t know what to do in order to get it back unresponsive. So could you guys help me out,because right now, my money is low and I cant buy another yoyo at the moment. So any tips or help would be greatly appreciated.

I think you may have gotten something in the bearing. Does it play different with different string?

Nope, it still plays the same.

have you cleaned it lately? Some times when you clean a bearing it doesn’t get it ll out and when you throw it it spreads to the rest of the bearing. try cleaning the bearing it really good. later

Lynn Fury is o-ring, right? Try pushing them back into the yo-yo halves? Maybe they’re popping out a little? One time I reversed an o-ring by accident - it got way responsive.

Yea i washed it 2 and a half weeks ago. And my o-rings are shaved 80% flush.

Just try cleaning it again, I think something got in your bearing