Lunatic loose bearing

Hi guys,

I’ve had a large bearing lunatic for a few weeks now. Everything went fine, but 2 days ago my bearing got ‘‘loose’’.
I was just throwing and got a knot around my bearing, so i unscrewed it, and i pulled of the string, but the bearing got with it too. i never had this before. The bearing was in it rather tight. And now every time i put it in and put on the other half to screw it on, the bearing just jumps out of its socket. It does get back in when i screw it down, but its play isnt like before, its still playable, but feels a bit off.
The bearing just falls out of the socket when i turn the yoyo-half over, i tried pushing it in the socket harder, but it doesnt work.

I tried the 10-ball bearing from my legacy which fit very tight, but is a bit slimmer then the YYF bearing, so it leaves a small gap between the yoyo side and the bearing.
I also but the YYF-bearing in my legacy, and that also fit nice and tight. So i have no idea what causes the problem.


Is it causing a problem? I mean is something wrong? I’ve had a lot of yoyo’s that the bearing was loose. Never hurt anything so…