I got gorillus lubricus for my unresponsive yoyo is it thin lube because I’m playing unresponsive if not how long do I have to break it in till its unresponsive


It is thin lube. If your yoyo is already unresponsive, I don’t see why you have to lube it (i could just be lazy). If you already lubed it, or are going to lube it because you want the bearing quieter, maybe a week, plus or minus depending on how much you yoyo a day.


A while. If you must have it unresponsive NOW then throw a sleeper wait for it to die then wind it up (repeat the process) or just play like nothing’s changed and you’ll have it broken in in no time :slight_smile: I don’t think a broken in yoyo is and exact science :wink:


From what i understand, you have a gorrilus lubricus bearing that is responsive.

It depends on how much you put. Of all lubes ive used, the one your using takes the longest to break in. Id say a week of vigerous play.


A WEEK? If you’ve only put a drop or less, I can’t see how it would take a week of vigorous play. Even thick lube would break in before that time is up!

Give it an hour or less of tricks that really engage the bearing, like gyroscopic flop.

I’ve never used Gorrillus Lubricus so maybe I’m the one in the wrong here… but it’s a thinner lube and like I say, I could break in a drop of thick lube well before a week had expired.

(Waylon) #6

The directions say to use a quarter of a drop. I know it comes with a big brush but just use a needle to get some out of the bottle.


I was pretty baffled by how long it took too. I used a generous drop though. It played like a gunky old duncan bearing for a little, but by the end of the week the bearing plays super quiet and smooth. Spins as long as fry.

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Gorillus Lubricus is really strong and will take a while to break in but once it does the bearing become really quiet and smooth. Its my personal favorite for lube