Gorrilious lubricous makes yoyo responsive

I bought a bottle and only used it twice. Both times I only put a tiny tiny drop on and both times it made my throw responsive. Any help or thoughts?

Are you sure you put on only a little amount?

Lube normally has to break in.

Try taking the shields off of the bearing. Then, dip (or drip) a little lube onto a needle or pin. After that touch one or two of the balls in the bearing.

Anything get in the bearing?

Try cleaning it and starting over.

Yeah I only put a little bit on. Ill clean it tonight and post the results.

Tiny drop with or without the shields on? Most lube needs to be broken in. Also, think “less is more”.

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I’ve found the Gorrilius takes a bit more time than others to break in, but once it does the responsiveness goes away, unless you use too much.

like was already mentioned, I’d suggest cleaning it in 100% acetone with shields off and trying again.

It’s one of my favorite lubes, but depending on my mood I’m ok with trading smoothness for speed and spin time, and even like a bit of responsiveness at times, so I’m a little different from a lot of people in that sense.

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Gorillius Lubricous does make bearings responsive until it breaks in

I usually put one drop of the lube in then blow it with canned air, makes my yoyos quiet and long spinning