I use yoyojam thin lube on my stock speeder bearing. My friend thinks he just burnt up his stock bearing on his DM. How often should me and my friends lube our bearings to make their bearing life as long as possible. Also if i purchase a koncave bearing is it ok to thin lube those? Or is it better to leave them the way you get them?


well lubing is kinda like string, how much do you play with it? if your a real serious player then probably every 3 or 4 days. if you play maybe a few times a day than maybe once every 2 weeks. also yoyojam thin lube will be great on any bearing including the konkaved bearing. later and remember keep it spinning.


Actually André Lubes his bearings every month, cause thats what he told me in an e-mail a while ago. On another forum, André said you shouldnt lube a KK because they already come with minimal lube, and lubing it would make it more responsive.