Lube Bearing

I have a tigershark that I cleaned the bearing on and now it’s noisy!!! I tried to put yo yo jam thin viscosity lub on it but don’t think it made it to the bearing. Is there a way to take the face of the bearing so the lub can get to the bearings?

Use a sewing needle to pop off the C Clips on the bearing face and the shields will pop right out. Youtube it, there’s a ton of vids about it.

Did you remove the shields from the bearing when you cleaned it in the first place?

This will show you how to remove the shields as well as some other good pointers on cleaning a bearing etc.

How to Clean Your YoYo Bearing,871.0.html

Note that the spintastics bearings are smaller than the bearing shown in the video and the C clips are a bit harder to pop out, but the approach is the same.

Actually, from my experience, the shields don’t prevent the lube from getting into the bearing. I think you should just add slightly more lube and spin the bearing, until it becomes silent.