Loud YYF Bearing-Normal?

Ok, This is annoying me. My bearing in my G5 is SOOOOO loud. It’s this constant buzz… It was like this stock and was wondering if anyone else have this… thing? I dont wanna fix it just wanna know if it’s just me. (BTW i checked inside and theres nothing like http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,341.msg2597.html#msg2597 )


Just try to clean it.

Did you just lube it? Then there is too much lube/or the lube is working in…
If not, maybe you need to lube it.

First decide whether or not you need to clean it.

How long does it spin when you flick it?

I’ve never seen a stock YYF SPEC make any weird noise, provided it hasn’t been messed with. How old is it? Have you opened it up or cleaned it?