Lots of Metal and Delrin Yoyos FOR SALE ONLY!

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Paypal, money order, or cash are accepted.

All of these are for ''OFFER", please do not PM me asking how much I want for them, if you are interested then OFFER! I’m willing to let ALL of them go for $400 as a package deal. I really don’t want to get rid of these but I really need the money.


L2 - Very beat on the rims, but it still plays smooth as butter. Has a Ceramic D Bearing in it, no stacks.

Raw Primer - 2 dings, no big deal, I’m sure with a sanding or a beadblasting they would mostly be gone. Very smooth yoyo. C size bearing and silicone.

Raw Prototype - there really is no name for this thing, it’s a prototype of the Primer I guess… It’s just a redone idea EEB had for the primer that he didn’t like as much, it sometimes has a pulsing vibe, but it is very easily tuned out (which it is tuned right now, the smoothest i’ve ever gotten it) C bearing, silicone. Amazing yoyo to ad to your collection because there are VERY few of these out there…

1st run raw prototype wedgie- Mint other than a few scratches that every raw yoyo has that would be gone if polished. very smooth. it comes with a very cool looking dizzo ball cw. Comes with a Ceramic A size bearing.

3rd run raw prototype wedgie (basically pre production)- several dings (8-14 small dings, nothing really big… nothing that effects play at all) has an ever so slight vibe to it but you can only feel the vibe if you are touching the yoyo with your finger. Comes with a Ceramic A size bearing.

2nd run raw beadblasted prototype bully- a few scratches that only make the beadblast smooth in some areas, and one very small pinprick ding that is really tiny. possibly the most stable prototype bully i’ve ever played (that’s a lot of them btw…) Comes with a YYF Spec bearing and Barking Spider Gummie Pads for response.

2nd run raw prototype bully- Mint as can be, the pad recess has been widened just a tad so that it can fit some wider pads. Very very smooth. Comes with stainless steel bearing.

1st run production run bully #070- a few rim scratches, nothing that comes even close to effecting play. very smooth yoyo.

Milk 2%- Mint!!! Does not have the grooved bearing, but has a Ceramic size A flat bearing. Has the small vibe that every 2% i’ve ever played had… but it can be tuned out, I’m just too lazy to do it lol. You can’t feel the vibe on the string, only if you touch the yoyo. This is a very nice playing yoyo.

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Everything is pending with xfredricox for the package deal! So if you really want these, and have a better offer than $400 for the lot, then pm me quick!

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