Lost Puffin 2....

SAD STORY: Two weeks ago I bought a Puffin 1, which I have been saving up for a long time. It’s a great throw and I love it (loved* it). Today I let my friend try it out. He’s a pretty experienced yoyoer. He ended up getting a nasty knot when he messed up some cool GT slack trick. It was so bad he had to take the yoyo apart and remove the knot manually, which turned out to be the fall of my Puffin 2. After putting it back together he threw it and it spun shakily. I grabbed it from his hands and inspected the bearing, axle, response pads, and inside threads. The threads on the inside of the yoyo were cross-threaded and could not be fixed. I CRI EVRY TIM!!! That’s how I lost my Puffin 2… :frowning:

Did you confront him about it? I would have after all that money spent on it, I know those CLYWs aren’t cheap. Fortunately, I think that it could be re-threaded but not sure how it will perform.

Same exact story for me, but with a horizon. Not as bad of a loss as that, but I still feel you. Yoyospirit can repair the threads for you for $15. I still have to send my throws off to him when I get a chance, but I hear he is pretty good at it.

So you start your story with a Puffin 1. Today you let your friend borrow it and it magically turned into a Puffin 2 right before the dummy ‘screwed it up’ literally?

Good story. I like magic.

it evolved and learned cross thread… :smiley:

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If it’s just cross threaded it isn’t lost. Usually you can just carefully screw it back together properly and it will play fine, maybe a little vibe. If it’s actually cross threaded so bad that it’s unplayable then you can always have it retapped. I wouldn’t call it lost just yet.

So much for this “experienced” friend! Hope you find peace in this.

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Yeah for real, I won’t consider anyone who can’t even assemble a yoyo properly “experienced”, but that’s another story.
Try to reassemble and hope it holds, if it isn’t that bad it should work, else you have to get it retapped. Also, I think your friend needs to take responsibility.

Your friend should pay to have it retapped.

I agree with the people saying it can be retapped, and it would only be fair for him to pay for it.

I haven’t had this issue, yet, but I think that if I let someone use my yoyo and it has to be taken apart to fix something, I’ll take it back and do the repair rather than let someone else do it. At least at that point any mistakes are just on me.

I almost cross threaded my brand new H3X the day after receiving it. I noticed it resisted so I stopped. I hadto carefully unscrew the axle with pliers (and cloth to protect threads) and screwed it back in normally and worked fine.

I’m still curious as to how your Puffin 1 magically turned into a Puffin 2…

mfw guy dosent know what magic is

Get it retapped and your friend should deffinatly be the one to pay for it. If he was a good friend which apparently he’s not he would have felt so bad about it that he would have offer’d to pay for getting it retapped or buy you a new one right on the spot

Good move, I’ve had an instance where I lend someone my precious dead smooth Phenom only to find that it’s returned overtightened and vibey, I got mad and destroyed the poor thing :-X