Puffin 2 Vibe, with New parts

Hey Guys,
I recently bought a CLYW Puffin 2. Eventually it was noticeably vibey so i decided to replace parts.
I replaced the axel (short) CLYW Snow Tires (white) and A delta cut terrapin. It still has noticeable vibe, even after I tried to tune it. Any help? thanks for the responses

Did you damage it badly?

no, but one tiny ding

I recommend getting a OneDrop or a GenYo :stuck_out_tongue: kidding (sorta, but seriously)

Sometimes one ding is all it takes. Changing the bearing is all I do.

If it really was a small, tiny, gentle ding original parts should be fine.

Bearings clean and lubed?

The threads may be wearing out. I’ve often found if vibe develops out of nowhere, the culprit is usually loose threading.

On top of the advice that has already been given, I would advise you to only take apart Yo-Yos when you absolutely have to. In my experience, if you always use tweezers to get out those occasional axle knots instead of disassembling the Yo-Yo, you will be doing your threads a big favor.

Can I ask how long have you’ve had this Puffin 2? I purchased one several weeks ago, and it is still vibe-free. No dings, only unscrewed once…

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If you have loose threading, just retap it. Taps are cheap and easy to do. Personally I love the fat Anti-Yo axles. I drill out the hole with a 7/32 inch bit followed by a 1/4 inch tap. Butter smooth.

Another reason why I like Onedrop and specifically their side effects so much. you can unscrew as much as you like and not have to worry about thread wear. Worst case scenarios, just pick up another set of side effects to replace the old ones.

But yeah, my CLYWs I try to only unscrew when absolutely necessary.

Fallacy all around. Taking a yoyo apart does not cause thread wear. What wrecks them is cross threading when you are not that careful putting them back together. It’s not that hard to do right.

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Oh really? I always heard that over time the more you screw/unscrew the more it will impact the threading litte by little. Since aluminum is relatively soft, I always thought to myself.

I suppose this means as long as I remain careful I don’t need to be fiddling with paperclips and safety pins as much as I do - Hooray!

Edited - for clarity

It does, just not as much as cross threading does.

Little by little is technically correct, but you’re talking an infinitesimal amount if done correctly. The main concern is accidentally doing it incorrectly because of haste or ignorance or frustration or just plain human error.

So, threading can wear out to become loose over time (up to the user how long of a time) or worse could become cross threaded by mistake. Side effects limit damage to just the axle and yoyo stays fine.

I think I took the term fallacy all around too literally and got excited. I suppose, take care of your toys (however you see fit) is the point. I will continue to worry less with side effects but be careful all around as usual.

My Puffin 2 is vibe free, hope the OP has had some luck resolving.