Puffin 2

Just got a puffin 2 and it is pretty picky to axel placement. I have found an amazing sweet spot, but if I need to unscrew it I don’t want to not be able to find it again. How do I make the axel stay?

Superglue?? that will probably ruin your yoyo. The only way to make sure you have a replacement axle is to buy one. srry

Unless you need to change the response or the bearing, there really isn’t a need for unscrewing the yoyo, If you get a knot, just get a toothpick or something along those lines to pick the knot out

Loctite and teflon tape can both be used to keep the axle in 1 spot.

where do you get it? And how do you put it on?

Both can be found at any hardware store. Teflon tape is the stuff they use for threads on metal bathroom fixtures (ie. your shower head). It’ll be in the plumbing department.

If you get Loctite, get the blue stuff. The red stuff is meant to be permanent and it’ll be hard to ever get the axle out. The blue is semi-permanent, meaning that it’s strong enough to hold your axle, but will release it with some strong twisting.

Can I lube a yoyo with shields on it?

Yes, but you probably don’t want to. Hard to predict how much will make it to where it needs to go, and there’s a high risk of making it responsive and requiring cleaning to get unresponsive again.

The Puffin 2 came with a pre-lubed CTX. My experience with that bearing is that they’re either perfect or come TOO lubed. I wouldn’t want to add more to a CTX.

Exactly. I was busy typing this as Greg posted his reply. My only other question is that since the CTX that shipped with your Puffin 2 came de-shielded you must have swapped out the CTX for some other bearing. Is this correct? If you did this, and you feel that the new bearing needs lube, I recommend putting the CTX back into your Puffin 2 and playing it through the break-in period. That way you don’t have to mess with de-shielding and lubing a bearing and attempting to find the sweet spot of how much lube, etc…

Oh sorry I didn’t make that clear, I have a general yo majesty that has a very loud bearing, and I sent clyw a note to ask if you can and they said yes just put one drop on the shield and spin the bearing with your finger.

Cool! Sounds like all your problems are solved! :wink:

I have found that my CLYW yoyos (all 2 of them) Really like to be in a near puddle of lube, i found that if you lube them with the Chap-Stick method, (a tiny little bit of it on the end of a toothpick). They get Super smooth!

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just inside the bearing?

Yes, inside the bearing, lubing outside has a minimal impact, and will gunk up your sting if the lube moves.

Yeah, put it on a few of the ball bearings! Just us it extremely sparingly!

alright thanks!