Loose ring on YYF Edge

I just got a YYF Edge and it appears that one of the steel rings has come unseated, migrating toward the hub. Does anyone know of a way to reseat the ring without damaging the yo-yo? It actually wobbles in play, which I’m guessing is due to the off-center ring.

Which store did you get it from. If you got it from YYE than contact them. Also, did you hit something with it and the ring came off or did it just fall off on its own?

Well, never mind. I was disassembling the yoyo and it was screwed down tightly so I really torqued down on the halves, gripping the rings in the process. That snapped the errant ring back into place, and now all is well. To answer GrindDude’s questions, I didn’t get it from YYE but it was sealed in the original box in that condition.

The rings shouldn’t be coming loose so easily, we would be happy to take a look at it for you.

A loose ring is usually fixable, but if it isn’t then we would likely replace the yo-yo for you. Feel free to send us an email or call and we can help you out.

That is awesome! YYE rocks!

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