YYF Protostar/Northstar... squeak? squawk? honk? moo?


Just got a YYF Northstar in the other day, and I’m getting a bit of noise whenever I throw or catch it hard enough. I’m assuming it’s one of the weight rings not fitting in its slot exactly right, and spinning in place until it wedges in in the opposite direction.

So my questions are, how do I fix it? Should I fix it? Do I squeeze 3-4 drops of loctite between the ring and the cap?


Does it move when you try to spin it with your hand?


I hear a shorter version of the noise when I spin the yoyo on-axis, in-hand. When I try to rotate either of the rings in place, there’s no movement. One of the rings does appear to pivot (like a seesaw) a teeny-tiny bit, though. That’s my candidate for the honker.


I’d either email yyf or use a little bit of loctite.