Loose Axle Sleeve?

So I just got a PHENOMizm a few days ago, and I’ve just been throwing it stock. There’s been a little bit of rattle, but I just thought it was just from the caps, etc. I decided to address the rattling issue today, and it seems I can’t unscrew it. At first, it didn’t budge at all, but now it does in a jerky fashion if enough force is applied. I’m definitely turning it the right way…

What should I do? And if I’m supposed to contact someone, should it be the store or YYJ?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Try pulling the halves apart as you turn them.

What do you think taking it apart is going to do for the rattle? the rattle is most likely the caps and can be fixed by putting a small drop of glue a couple of places around the edge. There’s really nothing else that can rattle.

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No luck with pulling as I twist. It really doesn’t feel right :-X

I was going to lube the bearing a tiny bit as well. Thanks for the tip regarding the caps!

Remove the caps, even if you have to stab a hole through them. While the rattling is from the caps, I’d be more worried about the solid spin system. The plastic around the metal insert has stripped, and what you should do is put a few drops of crazy glue on the crack between the metal insert and the plastic of the yoyo.