Phenomizm Cracked

Today I decided to remove the caps from my Phenomizm.
What I found out was that there is a crack starting from the metal insert where the axle screws in. Would this most likely have been caused by:
A) My new yoyoer friend tightening it a bit more snug than normal
B) The removal of the solid spin axle, done by the previous owner
C) Me, hitting it off the floor/drywall/wooden dresser
D) Hot/Cold temperatures
Also, would there be anyway to prevent it from getting bigger?

Well it could be a combination of all of those things.

I’m not sure if there is a way to keep it from expanding except to be careful with it and try not to stress the plastic anymore than nescessary.

I think adding adhesive of some sort would make it vibe.

Yoyojams are notorious for cracking so I’m not surprised. Most likely D is your problem since most of my yoyojams crack near the solid spin axle.

Likely temperature like Sparhawk said.

Could be any of the things you listed, but if the previous owner removed the solid spin axle system there’s a good chance that’s what caused the crack. As long as the crack isn’t affecting play I wouldn’t worry about it.

Ok, thank you everyone! I’ll try just to ignore it. :slight_smile: