Looping help ???


I have checked how to loop on several places that teach yo-yo tricks and they say that when looping, the yo-yo should be at the angle of the 1 o’ clock position if your doing it with your right hand and 11 o’ clock if your doing it with your left. The only way I can do a good loop for the most amount of time is if my yo-yo is at the angle of the 11 o’ clock position when I use my right hand. Why is it that I’m better off doing it like this instead of like what the sites and the books I have say? ;D ;D ??? ???


no idea wat u said but u just have to toss it right with a good yoyo and keep making the throwing motion


i thank i speak for all of us when i say looping is one of the hardest styles. really looping is different from person to person. what ever way you can do it best is the right way. it’s kinda like tuning your arm like a guitar, once you get it it plays like a new Les Paul. later and keep it spinning.

(Colerbird (FRIDGE)) #4

Wow, that’s a really good way to put it, and I agree completely.


When I was frist throwing (back in the days of fixed-axle), I had a friend who could loop over and over and over. I could do rock the baby and other sleeper tricks. He couldn’t do them to save his life. I was useless with looping. I think if you were mix looping and 1A tricks, it’d be like in Ghostbusters when the streams crossed.