loop 720 or 900


i have a pair of sunsets right now but im looking to get another set i want a loop but not sure which one any suggestions

(Ariq) #2

Loop 900. Just be careful not to hit the caps of the Loop 900 on something hard. might break. I have seen some people in singapore whose Loop 900 Caps had cracked


im pretty good at not hitting things

(laxdude99) #4

I would get the loop 900

(Ariq) #5

Then you should get the 900.


where can i get 900s other then bst they r out here and ive looked at a few other stores

(Mi) #7

The answer is loop 900 and theyre near impossible to buy from stores. Get them from b/s/t.


the 900s are great the only thiung i dont like is the way you tighten and loosen your gap gets frustrating to me.