Loop 2020 parts help

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When I got my Loop 2020s for Christmas, I instantly ordered some new parts, but the starbursts won’t screw in. They don’t even have threads. So, what do I do?


I’m not sure I understand, but the starbust pieces all have three holes in them for the screws so they can be mounted in the yoyo half. So remove the old one, put the new one in and then the three screws to hold it in place.

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Are you saying the screw holes in the starburst mounting posts are not threaded?

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Yeah :sweat_smile:

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If you bough it from YYE contact the store. (Or whatever store you bought it from)


Yeah, We’re happy to take a look at them if you got them from us. Just to make sure I understand - The original starburst screw in, but the replacement pair doesn’t? Do they screw together partially or they just don’t have threads at all?

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No threads at all

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This is the bag they came in


Upon further inspection - That’s how they all are. Just install the new spacers and thread in the screws. The screw will thread into the plastic easily enough and create the threads in the correct place.

If you have any issues installing them feel free to send me a PM.