loop 1080 slepping at end of string need help


i have put thick lube on it and the gap is fully tightened and when i do inside loops it somtimes sleeps at the end of the string


What kind of string are you using?


100% poly

(UmeNagisa) #4

See that’s the problem.
You should be using cotton


I think you’re not looping the yoyo out hard enough. That’s what happens to me.

I prefer Slick6 myself. I don’t like cotton for ball bearing loopers. I forgot to ask Patrick Mitchell and Joseph Harris what they are using. It looked like 100% polyester.

Just practice more.


some times while your looping the string tension gets so loose that it doesn’t respond right so make sure to do ufos constantly


I’m fairly certain all the big 2A guys are using polyester these days. And even if they aren’t, it’s 50/50.


why would they be using 100% poly?


I find my 1080 at fully tightened gap to be 100% responsive, doesn’t even sleep unless the tension is super loose.
To me it just sounds like you need to practice, while looping you’re still supposed to be able to sleep the yoyo for other tricks.


Why wouldn’t they?


50/50 is more responsive


Just to add to Mikers.

I’ve been using 100% poly on my Unleashed. My 808’s came with a black, blue, and white string. That could have been a slick 6 or 100% poly. With the gap being tight enough I really don’t see any problems and my looping has drastically improved since getting away from cotton on bearing loopers. It doesn’t fly off the string as easy for me when i inside loop to much without adjusting tension.

I too am pretty sure most the pros use poly these days. I know Ben uses the standard YYJ poly on his Go Big, and I know Tranton uses Kitty Fat string. Yeah slightly unrelated but, I think it helps prove that 100% poly isn’t just for full unresponsive play. Also know that I’ve had some pretty tight binds with poly or wraps around the axle that come back pretty hard. One last thing the Walter uses 100% poly and a thick lubed bearing and comes back easily with a tug.


thank you i was able to fix it