2a question


I going to get a pair of loops and I have one question
Can poly string work with the loops or do I have to use cotton strings with the loops.


I just tried poly string with my loop1080 and actually I was surprised I could loop fine with poly but I could loop better with my poly/cotton string. the problem with poly string is some times when you tug the yoyo it doesn’t come back immediately. also if you buy looping string buy poly/cotton string and if you do use poly string make sure the bearing is heavily lubed and the string tension is good.


If you have a ball bearing looping yoyo, use whatever you want. I find I prefer Slick6 for looping.

If you’re using a metal solid fixed axle, you can still use whatever you want.

If you’re using a wood fixed axle, 100% cotton is the recommended way to go. YYE sells now Bulk Type 10 cotton string and I really recommend it.