Loop 1080 pronunciation

Do you pronounce Loop 1080, Loop ten eighty or loop one o eight o?

Ten eighty

Finally, a question I know the answer to. 10…80



I like One o Eight o better. How do you know? Did someone tell you?

It could be 1 o eighty…

its actually onedee zero eight oh


Yeah if course -_-

I wouldn’t want to be friends with someone who says one oh eight oh

Yeah actually Steve Brown did. He was teaching this class where they taught us how to pronounce the name of every yoyo they ever made. It was tough but I passed with flying colors.

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I still like one o eight o better.

Loop one thousand eighty

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That’s perfectly fine ;D, but what’s the point of this thread?

idk. I say ten-eighty.

I pronounce it “1080”. No idea what you’re on about.

Its just embarrassing to be around people and pronounce it wrong :).

It was a joke. :wink:

But yes, “ten-eighty”. Like how triple flip/rotation tricks (3 X 360 degrees) are pronounced in any number of sports including aerial freestyle skiing as well as skateboarding.

Ok 10-80 it is.