Looking to trade my One Drop Benchmark H with Horsehead colorway.


Hey all. I am looking to trade my one drop yoyo as stated in the subject lol. It has very minor cosmetic damage. Its only like a couple small scuffs. It still plays really smooth. I just do not like the super floaty feel of it. It feels like im barely touching the string. I am looking for a yoyo that hits heavier on the string and takes a little something special to get it to bind. I guess you could say I like a wider gap width lol. I am looking for a yoyo that plays kind of like the horizon which is my favorite throw to date. Its ok if the yoyo being traded to me has some minor cosmetic damage. I mean my 2nd favorite yoyo which is the c3yo level 6 had the edges completely sanded down and is still an amazing throw. A couple throws I really want are the electric flash and the big dipper. if someone trades me the big dipper it will have to have a little something extra with it cuz of the price difference lol. I am open to ideas. Just throw up some ideas and ill take them all into consideration. thank you

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