Looking to trade my Benchmark 2013


I have a Onedrop Benchmark 2013 “H” with the horsehead colorway. It has a couple dings in it due to a friend walking by me while I was yo-yoing and the string getting caught on something of his and breaking. It still plays perfectly fine and is my go to throw. I am not looking for a completely mint yoyo because mine is not mint. I am just looking for a throw that is better for speed combos which are my favorite. This benchmark just feels quite a bit to “floaty” for me. I am open to suggestions. I am mainly looking to get my hands on my first clyw. First person to come to me with an offer for a clyw will have an extremely good chance of getting it lol. I am not completely hell bent on the clyw throw so if you have an idea of heavier feeling yoyo with a good size gap width let me now. Ive been wanting the electric flash also lol. I am very open to suggestions. Even if your not the one trading it is ok to message me and give me some suggestions. All is greatly appreciated.

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