Anybody got a CLYW yoyo?


Hey Guys.
I have heard a lot of Great things about CLYW. I have never tried one. I really really want to though. And I can’t find any in stores, not even on this site. I really want to try a Wooly Marmont, Gnarwal, Peak and Sasquatch. I have some yoyos to trade. Sorry, Camera is broken so I can’t upload pictures.

-YYF 2010 Green Severe MINT
-YYF Green Yuuksta MINT
-YYJ Yellow Atmoshphere (1 mark)
-YYJ White Legacy MINT
-YYF Half Purple, Half Blue 44 (1 little scratch)

Thats what I have. Now If you have a CLYW that you want to trade, please let me know.

(system) #2