Looking for CLYW Igloo,Luchador,Two Fat Ladies,etc.


YYF Mighty Flea - GOT
YYF Big Deal
Monkeyfinger Caesar
YYF Nine Dragons
YYF Superwide
YYF Monster - GOT
CLYW Blizzard - GOT
CLYW Scout (Preferably Rainbow Trout)
YYF Horizon - GOT
Duncan Proyo
ILYY Pybit
Duncan Magnetude in Black - GOT
Duncan Magnetude in Red
ART Shout - GOT
CLYW H5xChief - GOT
CLYW Cliff
CLYW Arctic Circle 2
CLYW Canvas
CLYW Igloo
(2) YYF Loop 1080 - GOT
MAGIC YOYO: K6 - GOT,D5- GOT,N10,T1,Purple Line
YYF Shutter - GOT
YYF Shu-Ta
YYF Whip
YYF Horizon - GOT
Yomega Glide
Yomega Prodigy
One Drop Terrarian - GOT
G2 Albatross
G2 Hawk
G2 Triton (preferably AL7)
Werrd Minute
Yomega Missile
Dif-e-Yo Gladiator Slave
Dif-e-Yo Juggernaut
Werrd Beef
Werrd Two Fat Ladies 88 (aka groovy ladies)
Throw Down Luchador
YoYo.Y Medusa

All CLYWs,micro throws,oversized throws,7075 stuff, high quality fixed axle,unique yoyos.


Kendamas (have a bunch, something unique would be nice,Sweets Homegrown)
Spin Tops
Astro Jax (yeah I know)
Monkey Knuckles (look interesting, seem a lot like Astro Jax)

Also potentially interested in others I haven’t listed, let me know what you got ;D

YYF Superstar Bi-metal Blue(new in box)
Magic Yoyo N12 Light Blue(new in box)
B-Grade Vosun V6 Petrichor Blue (new in box)

I don’t have many yoyos I’d like to trade right now as you can see, let me know what price you are looking for on any of the ones I want listed, but I’ll update whenever I get some or decide I can part with some.

Anyone selling, I will pay through PayPal and it will be for goods. There will be a 2.9% fee (I believe that’s what PayPal charges) the seller pays, but I have seen and dealt with too many scams.

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