looking to swap string brand ?

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I’m looking to swap my string brand . I’m currently using yoyostring lab type x. I’m thinking kitty or candy wires. What do you use and why. I play 1a and I like to buy 100 count- . what brand should I try?


Check out JAMS yoyo string. Link to their facebook page in my signature below. Its a new brand so its not necessarily popular yet but it plays just as good as kitty if not better… But cheaper! Also, when you order you can ask for a variety of colors instead of one… Like lets say you order 100 strings, you can get 50 red, 20 blue, 10 green, 20 orange, and the price stays the same… Tension is great and they are very durable…

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I’d vote for BigYoyo string
The Candy format is seriously super smooth and such perfect tension management.
I think you will love it :slight_smile:


I recently switched from YYE 100% poly to Type X. I still have loads of YYE string though and I do intend to use it.

What did you not like about Type X?


Quoted for truth!


Jams dominates! I think it’s the best, but I’ve never used YYSL.


The new kitty string 1.5s are looking pretty cool. Regular kitty is great too. And fat kitty.

I’d say kitty.


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I second this!



I’ll throw in one more vote for Kitty strings.



Its close but JAMS is still in the lead :wink: haha :smiley:

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Wow … Now I’m stuck with all these recommendations lol! I guess who ever has the most rec. In the next few days is the one I’ll try. I can’t believe no one uses candy wires I kinda wanna try them because I’m a fan of super bright string





Need to say more? :slight_smile:


But but… What don’t you like about YYSL?


He probably just wanted to try something new


I’m actually very excited to hear this :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve been finishing off my YYE 100% Poly, I have some string lab type X but once they’re done I wanna try something new too.

Apparently Candy Wires Type E are becoming in use even more everyday. Also JAMS I haven’t heard a lot of bad stuff about either (I think there’s a thread in the Reviews Section).

I would probably get a little of both in worst situations lol.


Theres 2 reviews on JAMS, one of which is mine, but neither of the 2 are too recent, you could always do a quick search though