Looking for good string


I’m almost out of string and the string I use now isn’t as good as other brands I’ve heard of

Does anybody have any preferences for good string brands?


If your looking for quality strings on the cheaper side get JAMS, they are just as good as kitty, if not better, and are cheaper! You can gt a 100 pack for $11ish. Check out their facebook page in the link below in my signature… If your looking for the expensive super high quality strings, get YYSL AMMO or toxic strings


I would recommend YYSL Type X and Ammo both have a nice feel, Ammo is a little thicker for better whips and slack and both last forever! I would also recommend Toxic BG1s, Snakes and Dragons


What brand are you using now and what d you like or dislike about it?

I use YYE 100% poly for my plastics, YYE Slick 6 for my loopers, and YYE 100% Cotton Type 10 for my wood yoyos, Twisted Strings Trixta and YYSL Type X for nearly everything else.

I’m also willing to try darn near anything.


I like any string that doesn’t get too much tension on it and is kinda grippy


Sounds like JAMS to me… Good tension, and is just rough enough to let the slipknot stay and grip on your throwhand finger… Its not one of tose strings that will cut you up with an eli hop or one thats super soft but slips off your finger


Would you mind addressing this part of my inquiry:


Sounds like you would love BYYS Candy String… Smooth, Soft, Manages tension really well


I’m not sure what the brand is
I bought it off Yoplay for about 7 bucks for 25 strings


Seems kind of pricy for 25 strings, especially when you can get 100-count of YYE 100% poly for like $12 and Kitty for around $15 or so.