Looking to start throwing counterweight

What do you suggest as a good throw to start learning counterweight with?
The throws I have looked at so far are the fh2, the fhz, the throwmonkey and the zan navi.
Does anyone have much experience with any of these throws? Alternatively I have a poweryo black widow coming in the mail so maybe it would be easier to throw a counterweight on there and see how that works out but I have no experience in these things so once again I look to the masters of the trade for help.

Many thanks guys

The FHZ is a great option… Its incredible durable, comes with three counterweights, is cheap, and with a clean bearing and one slightly worn silicone sticker its pretty unresponsive.

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I think the fhz appealed to me because it comes with multiple counterweights, do the different styles of weight make a difference or is it just cosmetic?

The weight definitely makes a difference.

You can always just pick up a bouncy ball and drill a hole in it. It works pretty well and then you don’t have to spend much money (if any at all) to start 5a. A die would also work.