Looking to Sell my Old Collection

Hi, I digged up my old collection during this quarantine, im lookin to sell these yoyos and have 0 idea what they are worth lol so offer up:

pictured are: mint condition chupacabra, mint condition monkey finger gelato or something like that, a clyw chief with a few knicks, and a old markmont that has 2 dings on them. I also have a supernova and genesis but they are kinda beat but if anyone wants any of these or wants more pictures let me know and offer up! I also have a positron thats not pictured which has a vibing problem but otherwise is mint.



please offer me reasonable prices. I dont know how to accurately price these anymore as i havent yoyoed in like 8-9 years


im also pretty sure there is like less than 5 of the geladas that I have in that colorway in existence but I might be wrong because its been 8 years.

pm incoming


hot stuff!



What’s the one on the middle left?



Hey! Are any of these still available? :smile:

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can you list what is left?

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i still got everything rn

how do i pm you?

You gotta get to “trust level 1” in discourse by doing what’s detailed here:

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do i have to be trust level 1 to sell stuff? i just currently have 0 interest in yoyos and dont really wanna read 30 posts

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What’s the far bottom right one?

If you want to game it you don’t “actually” have to read 30 posts, just load up a long thread and slowly scroll through it.

And yeah you need trust level 1 to PM people.