Looking to replace my Yomega Maverick

I have been looking around for a $35 - $50 yoyo to replace my Maverick.
I was mainly looking at the YYF Shutter, DV888, the Protostar and the YYJ Dark Magic II.
I would prefer a longer spin and an all around better yoyo but I don’t care as much about how well it grinds.

The shitter is amazing if your ready for it. I’d take the dv888 off the list…
If you want responsive and unresponsive, the dark magic 2 is good. I’d go with shutter

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I too enjoy the shitter. But only if I’m ready for it. Very rarely do Internet stuffs make me actually laugh out loud.

The Shutter is a great throw, and the dv888 isn’t bad. If I were you I’d go with the Shutter, but a Duncan Raptor is always a great choice too as well as an Echo.