Looking to buy titanium


I’m trying to get a hold of a reasonably priced titanium yoyo. If you have one pm me what yoyo it is and your price.


I’ve only herd of 1 titanium yoyo and its $199. Sorry i for got then name if it though


There have been quite a few titaniums actually. Problem is they are hard to come by, their owners never want to let them go. Best titanium in my opinion was the Sovereign. I owned one and loved it. Only reason I sold it was so I could by my daughter an iPad for Christmas. I was able to sell it for the full price of a new iPad and taxes if that gives you an idea of what they go for.


You could have gotten her 3 Nexus 10s.

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Way to miss the point entirely.


also im particularly looking for the aurora or the sovereign. Thanks


Hoping to find cheap titanium. Pm me if you have one thanks.

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