Looking to buy string from a local...

I want to buy regularly from one of our local string makers. I want the following characteristics:

-long life

-Doesn’t have that “never breaks in” feel.

-Comes long

-Comes in attractive colors

-Works well with whips, or rather, keeps its tension well.

Thanks! And please, if you sell string, don’t just try to give me propaganda, recommend it to me if it has the charateristics listed.

Chaos 422?
Dunno if that’s considered local though.

idk if its local or not, but chaos string is amazing and describes everything you mentioned except it takes a few hours to break in. Not saying that it has a stiff feel to it like angel hair, but if you try to snap start it before its broken in, odds are it will come off your finger. use the push start. Thats the only problem i’ve had with it.

contact james

Local as in forums, guys. (or United States, whichever first)

I will ask for a demo.

I think sick string sounds good, especially when General Yo put on their USA Edition Hatrick. But I never tried it. :-\

Wait, Icthus. I’m looking for Help/recommendations… I’m not really looking to buy or sell right now…

you should buy whip yoyo string i hear there really good!!!

James Reed sells Sick String. PM him. If the owner of General-Yo puts a local kid’s string in one of his products, you KNOW it has to be good.

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nake Skin Strings is some of the best I’ve used. Good slacks, keeps tension well, comes longer. I really enjoy that String.

CUZTOMS is really good

Here. Let me quote your very first post.

That would tell me that it should be right where it is.

Well, yes, but this isn’t the actual purchase I am making. Example:

Randomdude says:

I’m looking to buy a yoyo. Could you tell me, based on characteristics, which kind I should get?

That’s what I’m getting at.

Maybe I should have worded it better.

However, thanks everyone for giving me choices.