Looking to buy a real Yo Yo... Opinions?

I’m looking for a yo yo under 30 bucks since I’m just a beginner. I want a yo yo that will help me learn intermediate to more advanced crazy string tricks. This is a yo yo I want to get good with string tricks on, but at the same time I want the option of that responsiveness to practice some looping tricks since I love to loop and it’s pretty much all I’ve got to practice because I have cheap yo yos that pretty much are only good for coming back at you and not for crazy sleeps. I feel like the Velocity could be the yo yo I can really learn things on. Anybody else have any better options before I spring for it?

what’s your budget? if you have a little more money you could get a DM, but i’m assuming your budget’s around $20, so a lyn fury or a one would be excellent.

I recommend the yyf ONE or the yyj lyn fury. I think you should get a seperate yoyo for looping, though.

agreed.serious 1a yoyo’s will not work for looping.try some unleashed’s or loop 900s for looping.

the lyn fury will take you from rock the baby to winning the world yoyo contest…

… and it’s only 14 dollars.

the ONE its awesome it plays AMAZING and its only 10$

You can also get good deals on the B/S/T on this site.

if you want a cheap looper look into the shinwoo loop or bumble bee. Ive heard good things about them

go to the b/s/t on here, people sell some throws for great prices. got a $70 lunatic for $35, and an 888 for $36.
Or if you want to buy new, go for either a lyn fury, or a yyf One.
personally I’d go with the lyn fury. Someone who’s name I’m blanking on right now won worlds with a lyn fury.

dude why are you talking about the 888 stuff

Can you give a reason why can’t he?

Alright, so I’m convinced that I should get a loop 900, but still on the fence about a Lyn Fury or a One. I like the way Lyn looks, but also appreciate that the One comes with interchangeable bearings/instructional video… Any votes and reasoning for one or the other?

the one is kind of a begginer–>advanced “all-in-one(no pun intended)-kit” and the lyn fury is pretty much the same thing, but without all those things in the box.you couldn’t go wrong either way

I was just saying how they have some great deals on the b/s/t forum.

Good choice for looping. got a pair of loops, and they’re amazing. :slight_smile:
And personally I’d go for a lyn fury over a one. It’s responsive when you want it to be. and when you get better and move up to unresponsive play, a simple mod (all it requires is a sharp knife) makes it completely unresponsive.
plus I think it feels better in the hand than a one.

The Loop 900 is very expensive. The Unleashed plays same if not better than the Loop 900; I suggest Unleashed.

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I have the Loop 900 and it,s a great looper! Just tried the Unleashed and it was just as good.

For 1A, the Fury’s great. Out of the box it’s beginner friendly. With a few tweaks (I siliconed mine and added weight rings), it’s advanced player friendly. I got mine for $13, probably the best $13 spent, along with my FH2010s.