Looking for somthing that plays like a Bapezilla.2


I truly do enjoy the way my Bape2 feels but looking for something new but had a new but similar feel.
I’m looking a General-yo that might feel the same, but open to any other companies that might feel a Bape2.
Sorry, I know I can word word this better but to lazy and don’t want to use big words at the moment :P.


Things I’d consider:
3yo3 bassline
Tenyoyo bebop
Hspin antipodes
CLYW canvas
difeyo internal turmoil, xs bone chip, tank
Houska Dry

Really not sure what to reccomend


Sounds correct to me. I’ve owned and or trew half of that list.


A lot of these have more float (there’s that word) than the Bape, particularly the bassline and 54, although the shape is similar. I could see the Houska dry being close. I haven’t played one but they look appealing.