Looking for some loopers


FYI I suck at 2A, these will be my first real pair I guess and I plan on getting only one pair. A second pair will probably come shortly after though :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve narrowed it down to three choices based on what I’ve tried/heard.

  1. Raiders
    I really like the weight of Raiders, but I broke my old one cranking it. Not exactly sure what I did wrong, but it definitely feels like the nut is slipping within the plastic. I can’t screw it tighter, but I can unscrew it just fine. It’s that same thing that happened to one of my FH2’s a while back and I had to open that sucker up and super glue it. The Raider’s caps are an obstacle to that.
    These would probably be my #1 choice if I could get an answer to my problem and successfully mod them :slight_smile:

  2. Hornets
    I’ve tried these at Spinworkx. I didn’t particularly like them because they weren’t quite responsive enough for me, but I saw someone using a pair and they were great, so naturally, I wanna like them ::slight_smile:
    Oh yeah and full white Hornets would be cool :slight_smile: I’d be taking off the decals(?) anyways if I got all white.

  3. Loop 360
    Cheap, nice colors. Grooved response is interesting since I kinda liked the feel of the ol’ Sunset Trajectories. Dunno about this one but what could go wrong for $8 right?

I’d still love to use Raiders, but after the first failed mod attempt, I’m a little worried about dropping more money. It didn’t even break the yoyo really, but it’s just impossible to crank it past like 1/8 of a turn. Then I feel the nut slip and rotate that 1/6 of a turn or whatever into the next position. Anyways, that sounds more like an inconsistency issue with different Raiders because they’ve obviously been successfully modded before.


Have you considered the Raider Ex? Comes w/multiple spacers for setting the gap. Eliminates the need to crank them. Feels the same as the original Raider as far as weight etc.


A pair of sunsets


Have you considered the loop 1080 or vortex?


I have considered both and I should actually add the Loop 1080’s in because they’re two for the price of one right now. I know of the Vortex but I haven’t heard anything about them or tried them yet.