looking for some advice for 5A

Hey guys, as the title says, I’m looking to get into 5A a little bit. I have my counterweights and all sorted but now to choose a Yo-Yo. I have a few that I can choose from out of my arsenal right now Protostar, Whip (Lightweight yoyo for a lightweight counter weight, Don’t know if that’ll make a difference.), Code 2, SuperNova or a T5 Overlord.

I’m more leaning towards the T5 or Code 2, T5 more-so just cause of the price tag on it. Who cares if I fling it into a wall when it cost me less than £10.

I have heard that the Code 2 is a very reliable 5A yoyo that alot of people like using, can anyone explain why this is? is the shape just well made for it?

The key is to match what shape works best for you. I think the added quality of the Code 2 might work. Lots of people use the Protostar as well. I really don’t see any issue with any of your choices except for the Whip, and for the reason you stated: too light.

Experimentation is mandatory. I’d say start with the Protostar. You’re gonna drop a lot learning, so might as well ding up a plastic, which can handle it better.

Your plastic yoyos will crack, aluminum will not.

Aluminum cracks too.

I’ve had an aluminium Yo-yo crack before and caused an almighty amount of grief for me. I would prefer to crack a reasonably cheap Protostar than a Code 2.

Wth? How did you people manage to crack your aluminum yoyo? What was it a Dash or something lame? I have THRASHED yoyos for 5+ years, to the point I wouldn’t be able to trade a Bapezilla for a silicone Zero, never, ever a crack.

Have you seen the Project that TAB and his friends threw out of very high windows, straight into brick walls, dragged behind a car?? I didn’t see any cracks on that guy, either.

Just like any other aluminum object. Hit it with enough force at the right angle. I have yet to crack one, but I’ve cracked more than enough aluminum parts to know it can happen. And yes it was 6061 and 7075 aluminum.

Yyj Destiny man!! But you should experiment first :slight_smile: Buy a Yyj Pinnacle

Is this true? I have never seen Aluminum crack due to impact force unless it is in a shredder (175mph+); and that is more like a tear than a crack. I thought Aluminum only cracks due to metal fatigue - like in an airplane.

I’ve heard things about the Spartanik Rage of Achille cracking.