looking for new yoyo

im looking for a new yoyo for under 150 dollars and im not sure what to get. im looking for some sugestions.

More information please. There’s a lot of amazing stuff nowhere near those prices.

Let us know stuff about shape, weight, what you’re looking for and anything else useful.

Without knowing more, anything by One Drop.

i want some thing fairly light and anyware from 50-55 mm

Define light?

As the Code 1 and Code 2 & Burnside are too big for your preferences, I think the Cascade might be ideal.

The CLYW Arctic Circle, Canvas and Glacier Express are good size wise, but maybe not all are good price wise, so look at B-grades.

The C3YoYoDesign Capless is too big, but the DiBase is, as well as the Winning Bird, Dark Star and Trident

The Monkey Finger Evil Yo might be worth considering.

The Spin Dynamics Monkey Fist is another to take a look at.

Just some fast thoughts.

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any ilyy would work there in the middle of your size range but might be a bit heavy they all play amazing though and are super smooth

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