Looking for new pads

Got a new c3 astrea yesterday, and found it to be super snaggy. I just knotted it and realized that one of the pads is ripped, anyone have any recomendations for pads that are on the slippier side but still bind with no problem?

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Not sure if this is of any help but you could always try silicone sealent, while you wait for new pads.

I hate snaggy pads. Whenever I get a new yo-yo, I check if the pads protrude at all, and if so I replace them. Or if they’re snaggy for any other reason, I replace them. These days I only use Airetic pads or flow my own silicone.

Airetic pads are just a hair thinner than most 19mm pads; binds are nice and snappy, but much less snag prone than any other pads I’ve tried. They work great with any type of string, but if you use Airetic strings they’re an absolute must IMO.


Thanks, I just placed my order from there. I figured ill try out their strings as well.

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