Looking for laser engraving for my throws!

I just received three B Grade throws without any logos and I want to engrave our teams logos onto them. Does anyone know of any shops I can send them to?

Your best bet is to just go with local guys

You can’t put your teams logo on another company’s yoyo.

That’s just not right. Unless you are just keeping it.

But you can’t claim it yours.

He can claim to be president, sponsored by the universe, have 10 legs and four eyes in lazer engraving if he wants. This is 3 yoyos we are talking about, not a sloppy attempt at bootlegging to make a quick buck.

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What yoyos are they? If the inside of the outer rims is flat and doesn’t have a hole in it for the axle, they should be rather easy to laser engrave.

What I would do is contact a local jeweler or a trophy/awards place. They’ll either be able to recommend(jeweler) or be able to do it. Bowling shops may be another place to check out as they frequently engrave bowling balls s they might know of a place that can handle this.

There is a company I see on Facebook all the time that shows laser engraving jobs done. Most of the work is on weapons and the business is based around this work for firearms. I’m debating contacting them for engraving my microphones. Since they are within the continental United States, mail isn’t a bit deal. Since you’re from out of country, that could be a potential issue for you.

Why? A team is not a company. And he can engrave whatever he pleases. This seems like a rather ignorant post.

Do you feel the same way about people that put decals on their cars? personalized license plates?

He’s not claiming that he designed the yoyo, he just wants to customize it. It’s not really any different from jason wong annodizing throws, or you painting them.

Yeah, but he is actually putting a name on it. Like stripping a peak and putting “Bigyoyostring” on it or something. (No offense Bigyoyostring :P!!)

I don’t care just saying to watch out in case…

Its his yoyo, a team logo doesn’t mean anything, just a means of personalization.

Most highschools nowadays have engravers for shop class

really? most highschools where I live don’t even have as much as a shop class, let alone engravers.

Your answers have been quite pleasing!

The yoyos are a B-Grade Avant Garde 2 and a B grade Doomsday Genesis I got for helping out. They’re both free of engraving and the Doomsday has a very sexy flat surface.

Thanks guys!