Laser-Engraving a YoYo

Hello YoYoExperts,

A group of us are interested in getting a friend a yoyo, and laser engraving it with a personalized message. We’ve settled on a King Yo Star Rapid.

Is there anything I should know or be concerned about with the engraving? Could it be done on the inside of the yoyo, or would that affect the performance?

Any help or thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you!

I’m not a professional so I really can’t help you, but this sounds cool. Please post pictures when you are done.

Laser engraving the cup area can make finger spins a bit harder. I wouldn’t recommend engraving the gap area of the yoyo though.

So what you’re saying is don’t laser engrave?

Engraving won’t affect performance in any significant way. Anyone who says otherwise is just trying to be a yo-yo snob. It really doesn’t matter where you engrave it, but my opinion is that engraving looks the best in the cup. It can look really nice on the outer rim, too.

Why? You’ve never seen or played a Pyro, I take it?


Thats a pretty coll thing of you to do definatly post pics when you get it done. As far as where to engrave it I think the cup or the rims would look the best. But the choice is up to you, What do you think he’ll like best?