LF: Anodizers, Powder Coaters, Bead Blasters, Lazer

Hi YYE Forum!

I am looking for suggestions in regards of Anodizing, Powder Coaters, Bead Blasters or Lazer engraving (Anyone who niches in custom cosmetics for yoyos). Any suggestions or recommendations would be helpful! I’m trying to make a sentimental gift for a friend of mine with a custom design I have I want to display on a yoyo. Any help would be great, please and thanks!


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A good buddy of mine, Adam Nance, does custom laser engravings. He did laser work for @fatguysnacks247 and it came out stellar. He’s also part of the reticulated return tops team. Look for him on Facebook.

@yoyospirit does the best powdercoating and mods you can find.

Anodizing gotta go with monkeyfinger or Gruntbull.


Amazing! Thank you so much @hobbygod!

I am looking for some lazer work but the logo design I have/want to have on the yoyo has some colour to it. Do you know if it’s possible to apply colour after the lazer engraving?

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I dont think so. You’d need to ano it first I believe, but I could be wrony.

@Anomalyoyos on Instagram does some really great ano. Not sure if he does aluminum. mostly seen him do titanium.

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Thank you!!!

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I believe you can laser before anodization to get a sort of “ghost engraving”. I remember seeing a yoyo like this somewhere but I can’t remember where.


My crucial wholemeal has something like that. Dudnt know that that was how its done