A totally new type of anodizing: Gruntgraphics


Still in development, this is NOT hydrodip, it is 100% anodizing.

(InvaderDust) #2

whoa dude!!! That is really really sweet.


How much is it to have a yoyo stripped of its ano then add this?

PM Me if you have a B!ST Tondo F/T


That looks really cool!


That is amazing.


Like, whoa.




Retail pricing hasn’t been established yet but it will probably be around $75.

(rizkiyoist) #9

A new era has begun.

If this can be done cheap enough, laser engraving might even become useless.

edit: wait a minute, I just remember Magicyoyo did something similar few years ago with their Chinese painting line. No one bats an eye unfortunately.


Those look pretty neat, I wonder what technology they used to coat them?


The coating itself is just regular anodizing. Since you can paint whatever you want onto an anodized base given a compatible type of ink/dye, what you need here is to find an appropriate printing/transfer mechanism to go with one of those ink types.


If you put paint on the anodizing it is not regular anodizing anymore. In regular anodizing the color is inside of the coating, as opposed to on top of it.

(yoyobro!) #13

Wow this is amazing!


i think you are supposed to paint it first then passivize the whole layer instead of somehow injecting dyes through it


Ok, I must have missed something.


This opens up so much… Is this hand done or by a machine/program? Would love to have my yoyo get Calvin and Hobbes or something with great art like that.


Its done by machine, and that would be doable.


(Amplified) #19

Rec Rev used to do this a lot. Glad to see it come back.


I believe that was hydro dip.