is this legit

Cool picture…! Paint or Ano?!

anodizing and its legit

Definitely ano and it looks legit.

I’m curious as to how they do this if it actually is anodizing. Are they just splashing ano dye on them? As far as I know, that wouldn’t work because the part in question has to be submerged in the dye for a good amount of time to get a nice bright color.
Def looks like some kind of paint though. Probably wrong.

I think its either paint or that is the Anodizing masking medium that happens to be colored?! I don’t know either… lol
As far as I know, to anodize something with added color, it would have to me submerged in the dye then to another bath (sealer) of sorts… I guess a splash of dye might do the same ???

Just a cool yoyo related pic! :wink:

I believe it’s already anodized (say red), then put mask like above, strip the paint, then re-anodize with the second color (say black). Once all done remove the mask and it’s red splash on black.
With the same logic, three colors can be achieved, say yellow splash on red splash on black. Start anodizing with yellow, put mask then strip, next anodize on red, then put another mask on top of the yellow then strip, last time anodize with black, then remove all mask.

That looks pretty cool

Actually, that’s a Transformer, splashing Wing sauce on some appetizers.


It is Item #23 on the Inter-Galactic Soup Kitchen Menu.

It is a delicacy called, ‘Alumi-yum Wafers’.

Monkeys call it Finger Food…

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LOL not legit guys thats not now it works. It is a great pic though.