Looking for Israeli yo-yoers

I’m from Israel and unfortunately the yo-yo developments over the last years is almost unknown here, most people in Israel still think yo-yos only go up and down.

So if any Israeli yo-yoer see this post please reply


Well i’m not from isreal (u.s.). But I can tell you that a majoraty of the population here thinks yoyoing is still up and down too.

lol. Here the situation really sucks even the juggling society here don’t know what a yo-yo can do this days. I know only two other serious yo-yo players. I really hope to find more players.

I don’t remember you on the forums…I’m Israeli too ;D

hallelujah brother :stuck_out_tongue:

I really started to think I’m the only Israeli on the forum

So where are you from in Israel ?

I thought so myself :smiley: I was surprised to find such a topic on the forum, but of course felt obliged to respond.
I am from a small place near Jerusalem, I doubt the name will help you :stuck_out_tongue:
How about you?