Looking for Inexpensive, High-End String


I really need some high-end string, but I am out of money. I’m looking for a soft, long-lasting string that’s good for whips and grips the pads just right. Any suggestions?


High end and inexpensive dont really go well together, but the most highend string I would suggest is epic strings.


Almost all yoyo string is inexpensive…


I had a Cloud string and 1 string lasted for months. The only reason that it stopped lasting was because I had a few cuts on my yoyos that would cut into the string. Other than that, it’s great. A thin, but whippy string that binds consistently well, unless the string whips out of the bind. Long story. But it’s good. Try it.


And I’m looking for an inexpensive, high end, late model BMW…


iyoyo slackies are awesome


How they are compared to kitties fat?


Probably not that much different. Most bulk strings aren’t very different from each other.


Ok thanks, I guess I’ll stay with kitty fat then considering their price.


I think they last longer and hold tension a bit better I do love kitty fat tho


The extra fat kitty for sure. Plays great for about 7days, but I just stuck two in the wash and they look almost brand new.


I guess I’ll just get more Fat Kitty. Thanks guys!


I would recommend a nylon blend of some sort from kitty string (1.5 are pretty great!)