Looking for Custom Products Axlerators

Hi everybody!

My Pops is looking for a Custom Products Axlerator or two, but not in the “ugly” colors Custom currently has available, which is looking to be bronze, green and purple. Also, he says ideally not so old they’re the ones that take the G size bearings.

Anyone have any they’re not using?

What color would he prefer

Silver and turquoise (the lighter of the two blues they make) were his first choices, then red and black. He said he’d be alright with a single purple if he could get another color that went with it, but he really didn’t like the green or bronze they made and would rather not two purple if he could avoid it.

I emailed Custom and they’re not doing a new batch for a few months and I have a paintball supply place that also sells some of their yoyos checking on what stock they have when they get in Monday. Is there something about these that they get no love on most yoyo websites? They seem kinda cool, if a bit old school.