Custom length axles?

Well, I would very much like to custom cut and size my axles so that they are both to my preference and also that if I have no spares I can replace it on the dot. Is this something i could find at ace? I found one that fit my grind machine well, but the material seemed a bit flimsy and too pliant.


You can get bolts and nuts at Ace that will work. If you need something that doesn’t have a head on it, for example the axle in YoYoJam yo-yos, you can either buy setscrews or cut the head off of a bolt. Buying setscrews would be easier for that application.

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Thanks a lot. Just a few more questions. I saw that Yoyofactory Ben Said that the Grind Machine 2’s axle wasn’t intended to come out. What would you recommend I do? It has an uncomfortable amount of vibrations, but no unbearable, and wouldn’t like to make it worse. Also, I was wondering what size of Yoyofactory Axle the GM2 uses, or the dimensions of the axle itself would be good too.


There are VERY few custom yoyo axles. Most of them are normal set screw’s that are made for other applications. They were never meant for yoyo axles. They are perfect however. Ace has a decent selection. You shouldn’t have any problem finding at most 10 because that is all they stock where I go.
They will probably be about .56 cents each.

I believe the GM2 has a custom axle.

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It’s a sad day when a moderator double posts, lol. Just kidding.

Is the axle just abnormal in terms of yoyos or in the entire threaded-rod world?

Ha! Forum told me that someone posted while I was typing but I guess it let me post first. haha

Yeah I think the axle for the GM2 was made JUST for the GM2.

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Could someone with an account on yoyonation as YYFBen about this? I don’t want to sign up with all my information.

EDIT: Emailed their contact. Let’s see if they help me or just tell me that they don’t make it anymore. I’ve heard good things about their customer service.

That may have been the first run G5 though.

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The first run G5 and the Grind Mutant 2 used a special made axle.

As far as I can tell the Grind Machine 2 uses the same axle as the 888: M4-.7 20mm long. I would take the yo-yo to Ace and try that setscrew out.

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Yes, I got that size, mrcnja, and it fits well. Thank you.