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Hey guys! Got some questions. As my college year is coming to a close, I’m also looking into finalizing my summer project of designing a yoyo and getting it prototyped (at least). The design is coming closer and closer to a final product, but there are some decision that, in my mind, will never be entirely conclusive.

That’s where you guys come in! ;D I’ll provide a few specs, but the only serious thing I’m looking for opinions on right now is the size and magnitude of the H-shape portion of my throw.

Plans: Build a stable yet “floaty” organic throw with an H-shaped catch zone.

Here they are!

Prototype A:
Width of Half ~ 19.5mm
Width of H-Shape ~ 1.5mm

Prototype B:
Width of Half ~ 19.5mm
Width of H-Shape ~ 3mm

Problem I’m encountering with Prototype B is it’s mass is currently way too high (69g for two halves without bearing, response, or axle), and I can’t seem to find a way to cut off some weight without compromising some of the design which I was most interested in. I just threw this model together about an hour ago so it’s still quite early.

So please vote! Give me any criticism or thoughts of your own as well. Voting closes my last day of finals, May 2. (Sorry Mods if this isn’t in the right section, kinda felt right in General)

Voted for prototype 1. The shape just looks like it’d feel nicer in hand.


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Thanks! Second one would be uncomfortable because of the larger h shape?

The first one just seems more organic shaped, or ergonomically comfortable. Even if the rim on the second pic was nicely rounded, the other shape would hit your hand more with more surface area. I really enjoy the way a nice organic yoyo feels when it hits my hand after a snappy bind ;D

Also the bump before the response would prevent some string from touching the response

Same, but I’ve also fell in love with the H-shape, which pretty much explains my project in a nutshell. First started off as a 3D printing interest and it evolved into designing yoyos. :slight_smile: Hadn’t really even thought about the surface area thing. Makes a lot of sense.

I don’t think I quite understand. :-\ If the response has enough area in the H-shape, that’s all the area the string should need to touch it. Unless you mean something else?

What software do you use?

I like the first one…

I know this has nothing to do with your topic, but you should look into the H3X if they release another run. I think you might like it :slight_smile:

Prototype A reminds me of Turning Points yoyo designs. most of their yoyos have that look somewhat - more specifically, reminds me of the Positron. not saying its bad, just noting the similar shapes.

i definitely like Prototype B better. the more extreme H shape is more appealing to me. but at 69+ grams, is too heavy for my preference.

I design them in Cubify Invent. It’s a program that is designed for a 3D printer and the files can be exported into .STL format. The program was only $50 and at the time 3D printing was something I was primarily interested in.

The pictures are from a program called InStep which is a free program that allows you to import typical 3D Printing file types, such as .STL, and export them as pretty much any other file type you may desire (.STP is the most common I believe).

I’m interested in the H3X! I might need to read up on it more, but my first impression based on how it looks was that it was a bit middle-weighting based like the PHENOMizm, etc.

Thanks for the comparison! Always good to see what others see in them. Just from looking around, I’d think Prototype A looks more like a wider Houska or perhaps a middle ground between Houska and Positron.

I’m still looking into the weighting issue on Prototype B. Don’t know where I’m going to trim the weight off of.

make proto a a little more “sharper.” I know it’ll take away from the H-Shape but that’s something I love in my throws.

What do you mean by sharper? A bit more angular towards the center?

I’m not prone to the idea of bumping something, but I’d like to at least squeeze a few more votes out of you all. :slight_smile:

Both designs are also coming much closer to a final product, and hopefully one of them will be prototyped this summer! ;D

So yeah:


Proto 2 for me. But honestly, other than the very slight lippy thing near the response, I don’t think of either of them as particularly “H”. They seem more like butterfly/organic to me. Then again, classification of yoyo shapes is such a grey area. :slight_smile:

Regardless of semantics, both nice looking shapes!

Yes, angular, sorry for the wording. It’s just that I like the look a little more, it’s really nice. I like the organic shape, but adding a bit more angles would drive that nail in completely for Proto A for me man.

I’d personally try to round the lip of prototype 2 but it looks more interesting to me